Sree Veerendra Patil PU College, Bengaluru

An institute of
H. K. E. Society, Kalaburagi




Library :

The college has a library of about 10,000 books including text books, reference books and also subscribed to a number of periodicals. 


The college has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Biology and Computer Science. Each student is provided with necessary equipment.

 Sports :

The College has a play ground in the college campus. Provision is made for the students to participate in sports such as Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Kho Kho and Badminton. We have a trained sports instructor to guide the students.


The college has a separate N. C. C. Company under 3 Battalion Karnataka N. C. C. unit, Discipline is required in every walk of life. 3 Karnakata Battalion N. C. C. Bangalore has provided a separate company for this college with a students strength of 160. Sri Mallikarjun Chanmal is appointed as N. C. C Officer of this college. N. C. C. Provided 'B & C' Certificate examinations. Seats are reserved for Medical and Engineering Courses who have done N. C. C training. The main aim of N. C. C is "UNITY & INTEGRITY OF THE NATION".


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